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Homescapes Walkthrough – Effective Strategies That Will Enhance Your Homescapes Game!

Homescapes is an entertaining match 3 puzzle game in which you need to help Austin in completing various goals. Austin is renovating his home and requires your help! So, are you ready to help him out? Your job is to complete numerous goals in the game like buying furniture, changing carpets, cleaning the room, and much more by solving the puzzles.


The game is not as easy as it sounds! As you keep advancing to the new levels of the game, it will get trickier and tougher. You will have to use certain strategies for solving each level of the game otherwise you will get stuck up with it. To solve your worries, here are some effective strategies that you could use for making your game simpler. So, read this post till the end!

Tactics To Complete The Puzzles:

Each level has a unique objective that needs to be completed. For instance, in one puzzle, you need to match more than 25 red tiles within 20 moves. As you will be provided with fixed amount of moves for each level, you need to plan well and then start playing. If you are unable to complete the puzzle within the provided moves, then you will have to play the level all over again.

Also, it is important that you focus on the objective that has been provided to you for each level. Destroying the tiles that are not required will only waste your moves. So, it is necessary to play strategically and complete the objective. If you have planned well then there may be situations when there are certain moves left out. These moves will be transformed into special power-ups like Rockets, Bombs, Paper Planes, etc. that can be used for the consecutive level. These power-ups will enable you to earn several bonus Coins. Therefore, try to save several moves so that you can earn loads of Coins, which is the primary currency of the game.

Explore The Game:

Your main purpose in Homescapes game is to remodel Austin’s home so that his parents change their mind of selling his childhood house. As you keep progressing in the game, you will be provided with certain goals that need to be completed, which will be related to remodeling the home.

In Homescapes game, you can either play as per the story or you can remodel the home in your way. When you remodel certain areas, you will be able to unlock more content. This will lead to an interesting part of the story. So, try to explore more in the game, because it’s one of the main Homescapes walkthrough steps while remodeling and unlock several exciting goals.

Benefits Of Adding Friends:

You can add friends through social media sites like Facebook. The most important benefit of adding new friends is that they will help you to regenerate Hearts or lives much faster. When you play a puzzle, you will lose one Heart irrespective of the fact that you have lost or won the puzzle. So, Hearts are a vital aspect of the game.

When you lose a Heart, you need to wait for some time for it to regenerate. This is when your friends will come to your rescue! You will be able to regenerate Hearts much faster with the help of your pals. Moreover, friends can even help you in remodeling your home. Ensure that you help them too!

Plan Well:

There is no time limit in the game. You can complete the level without worrying about the time. This will let you form a strategy easily. Only if you plan well, you will be able to complete the advanced levels of the game within the allotted moves. Otherwise, you will end up playing the same level over and over again. Moreover, it is important to keep track of the number of moves that are left in each level. If you feel that the moves are less, then you should use power-ups that will let you clear the levels quickly.

Earn Coins For Free:

All of us know the importance of Coins in Homescapes game. Some of the advanced stages of the game will require plenty of Coins. This is because you are sure to fall short of moves. So, you can buy extra moves by spending Coins. This is the reason that you need to save loads of Coins for each level. Hence, it is important to acquire Coins for free from all sources. The easiest way to earn free Coins is by watching videos. When you watch videos, you can earn around 40-50 Coins every day. These freely available Coins can be very helpful for completing the advanced stages of the game. However if you are lazy or don’t want to spend your money simply try our Homescapes Hack.



Swap The Power-Ups:

You can swap each power-up with another one for acquiring a more powerful version. For instance, if you swap a Rocket with a Paper Plane, you will be able to destroy another part of the grid. Similarly, when you swap two Rockets together, you will be able to destroy horizontally as well as vertically on the grid. When you want to speed things up for reaching your goal, the best way to do it is by swapping any power-up with a Rainbow Ball because it will let you destroy innumerable tiles on the grid. So, always use various combinations of power-ups and enhance your gameplay.

Do Not Give Up:

There may be situations when you feel that a particular level is extremely tough to clear. You may even try playing the same level repeatedly. Whatever is the situation, just stick to it and do not give up! Eventually, you will certainly be able to clear the most difficult and tricky levels of the game.

Moreover, when you are facing a tough level, you should not use Booster quickly. A bit of luck and good strategy will let you clear the level easily. So, you should use the Booster only when you feel that it is the only way to clear your level. Similarly, if you feel that a particular level will only be cleared by some extra moves then you should spend your Coins for buying extra moves. So, accurate planning will surely let you progress with the advanced levels of the game.

Now that you know the numerous tactics for clearing advanced levels of Homescapes game, play well and have an enjoyable time!

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