Homescapes Hack – Coins and Stars Cheats

Homescapes is a relaxing and fun online game that has been developed by Playrix Games, who had created the popular Gardenscape game. It is a match 3 puzzle game where you need to complete the goals provided in each level and earn Coins and Star or simply use Homescapes Hack. So, by just swapping pieces together, you can complete various levels of this interesting game.

To begin the game of Homescapes, you need to help Austin in renovating his house by swapping and matching pieces. It is an engrossing game that features unique boosters and explosive combinations. The beginning of the game might look easy, but as you reach new stages, it becomes extremely difficult and you cannot just randomly swap pieces together. That’s why you should consider Homescapes Hack. There are several secrets that you will discover as you keep progressing in the game. Overall, Homescapes is an addictive online game that will keep you hooked to your screens. The game can be enjoyed by people of all age groups.

Depending onyour preferences, you can put on the music in the game and enjoy it while playing. The brightness of the screen can also be adjusted easily. The AirPlay feature of the game will let you send the entire game on your iPad’s display to an Apple TV, wirelessly.

Homescapes Hack

Listed Below Are Some Effective Tips That You Should Follow For Making Homescapes Game Enjoyable:

  • You can invite your Facebook friends so that they can help you in creating a cozy atmosphere in the house.
  • Try using our high quality Homescapes Cheats.
  • If you swap two ‘4 line power-up’ together then you will be able to break three lines vertical as well as horizontal, instead of just one.
  • There are some Booster items that can be purchased from the game shop by spending real money in the game.
  • The rocket power-ups can be swapped with the adjacent piece to launch it. You should always use Rockets to cover hard to reach columns and rows or tucked away areas.
  • To activate the Bomb power-up, you need to tap it. You will have to make several Bombs for beating a certain level.
  • For activating the Paper Plane, you need to double tap it. Paper Planes can be earned by matching four pieces in a square or box formation together. Once activated, the paper planes will let you automatically fly towards your next objective.
  • To activate the Rainbow Ball power-up, you need to swap it with a blue piece to remove all the pieces of that color from the field.
  • The game offers multiple decoration choices. Once you have replaced a piece of furniture, you can exchange it again with another color as and when your heart desires by paying minimal amount like 10 Coins for changing the armchair.
  • You need to activate the power-ups to lay the Carpet over a larger area. An easy way to activate power-ups is by double-tapping them.
  • At each day that you complete in the game, you earn 1000 Coins.
  • For removing the Jellies, you need to make matches next to it.
  • Cherries can be collected by removing the Jelly.
  • If you fall short of lives, then you can even buy them by spending Coins or ask your friends to help you out. One Life costs 900 Coins. If you don’t have Coins, then use our Homescapes hack to generate.
  • At level 8, you will come across locked pieces, which can be unlocked by making a match of it.
  • You need to play carefully as if you lose a life then you need to play the level all over again.
  • You have a maximum of 5 lives and if you fall short of them then you need to wait for some amount of time before generating a new life or purchase them with real money.Homescapes Hack

Objects Of The Game:

In the beginning of the game, you will come across six objects i.e. Lamps, Cups, Books, Buttons, Bow Ties, and Teapots. As you progress, you will get acquainted with objects like Cherries, Jellies, etc.


Apart from the regular three-piece matches, you can make other combinations by matching 4 or 5 pieces together, which will give you various power-ups. Make a square match that will give you a cubed paper plane to save it for later. Match four pieces in a row to get a rocket. There are several other combinations that you can make to get bombs, which are much more powerful power-ups.

You can make a ‘T’ or ‘L’ combinations by using five pieces to create bombs. By making five pieces in a row, you can create a rainbow ball. When you match 5 pieces in a line, you will be awarded with a power-up that can be swap with a regular piece and will break all the pieces of the same color on the grid.


Coins are the primary currency of the game that can be used for completing the numerous goals available. You earn Coins by matching pieces in each level of the game. With the help of Coins, you can buy Boosters before the new level begins and use them for succeeding in the level. Coins can also be used for buying more moves, especially when you run out of them in certain levels. Once you complete a level and there is a move left, then it will be transformed into a special piece of the board like Rocket or Bombs. These pieces will let you earn several bonus Coins. So, try to save as many moves as you can. Or simply give a try to Homescapes Hack to skip the boring part of the game!


Stars are the special currency can be earned by completing levels in the game. Once you match the pieces well, you will be able to earn Power-ups. You can use them to complete the level and earn Stars. With the earned Stars, you can furnish the house, and complete all other tasks available in the game. Thus, you can un-wrap the fascinating history of Austin’s family. Stars can also be generated with Homescapes Hack.


You will be provided with tasks such as cleaning the room, changing the carpets, replacing furniture, etc. These tasks can be completed by collecting cups, books and other objects. For this, you need to match pieces together, earn power-ups like bomb, rocket, etc. As you keep progressing in the game, the levels will start getting tougher.

You will have a limited number of moves for each level. For instance, at Level 5, you need to collect 35 cups and 25 books and to collect them; you will get only 24 moves. At Level 6, you need to collect 98 Lay Carpets by using 21 moves. If you are unable to collect the required amount of pieces before the moves get over, then you will have to spend Coins for getting more moves. Also, you will lose one life so you need to play the level again from the beginning.

In short, you need to plan well before playing the moves because in higher stages of the game, the moves will get over real soon and you will be stuck on a particular level. So, you need to think ahead and try to predict where the pieces will move in order to succeed in the levels.


At the higher stages of the game, you will be able to unlock different kinds of boosters. Some boosters can be purchased by spending real world money so you need to use them wisely otherwise you will end up spending lot of money. An example of boosters is the Hammer booster that can be used for removing tiles by smashing them. The Hammer can clear any tiles that you require without spending a move.


All in all, Homescapes is an easy game that can be played at leisure or short intervals. It is not necessary to complete all levels in a single day. You can enjoy the game for several months. However, luck plays an important role in the game. You may require innumerable tries for completing a particular level. You should not lose hope and keep trying it. Eventually, you will make through it and feel proud of your playing skills. So, keep playing and enjoying our Homescapes Hack 2018!


Homescapes Hack